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EPA Publishes Revised AP-42

EPA recently issued revisions to Chapter 1 of AP-42. Of course, AP-42 is EPA's long-standing compilation of emission factors for stationary sources. Chapter 1 deals exclusively with external combustion sources. Chapter 1 is composed of 11 sections; most of the sections pertain to estimating emissions for burning a specific type of fuel in a boiler. For example, Section 1 includes bituminous and subbituminous coal. Section 3 addresses fuel oil, Section 4 natural gas, and Section 7 deals with combustion of lignite.

Since most electric utility boilers are equipped with SO2 and NOx continuous emission monitors, AP-42 emission factors for criteria pollutants may not be used as often as they once were. However, most environmental professionals want to have the most recent version of AP-42 in their libraries. Moreover, this version of Chapter 1 includes a considerable amount of new emission data and emission factors for hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).

The revisions to Chapter 1 of AP-42 can be downloaded from EPA's Technology Transfer Network (TTN). On this EPA page, AP-42 chapters (1 through 14) are available in both WordPerfect® 5.1 and Adobe Acrobat® formats.

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