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Clean Air Mercury Rule Update (1/23/05)

EPA appears to be on schedule to meet its March 15, 2005 deadline for finalizing the Clean Air Mercury Rule (CAMR). All indications are that CAMR will be a cap-and-trade based regulation and will require continuous monitoring of mercury emissions. RMB remains on the forefront of mercury related-regulations and mercury CEMS. RMB continues to serve as EPRI’s primary technical consultant for mercury CEMS and mercury regulations. Additionally, RMB is involved in an EPRI demonstration project to evaluate the semi-manual stack testing procedures specified in proposed Reference Method 324. This project includes the EPRI Quick SEMSTM monitoring system which is currently the only commercially available monitor that meets the proposed Method 324 specifications. Some proactive utilities have already implemented mercury test programs to determine unit-specific mercury emission levels and to formulate initial compliance strategies. RMB services include, but are not limited to, test protocol development, test program management, compliance assessments and compliance strategy development. Mercury testing tends to be expensive and if not performed well, produces more questions than answers. Therefore, it is beneficial to have experienced personnel administering the test program to ensure sound mercury emissions data are obtained during any mercury test program. With mercury allowances estimated to be worth as much as $30,000/lb, monitoring system accuracy has never been more important. Please contact Ralph Roberson at (919) 510-0376 for more information concerning RMB’s mercury related consulting services.

RMB will also teach a 1.5 day mercury training course prior to EPRI’s CEMS Users Group Conference scheduled for May 4 – 6, 2005 in Savannah, Georgia. Course topics include commercially available mercury CEMS, principles of operation, operation and maintenance, certification test procedures and current mercury regulations. If you are interested in attending the EPRI conference and/or training course, please contact Chuck Dene of EPRI at (650) 855-2425.

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