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Electric Utilities Environmental Conference Papers and EPA Overheads (01/28/99)

RMB personnel attended and presented several papers at the recent Electric Utilities Environmental Conference in Tucson. For your convenience, the papers presented by RMB personnel at the conference have been formatted for viewing and printing directly from your web browser. Included are Ralph Roberson's paper discussing EPA’s Mercury Information Collection Request, and Ron Jernigan's paper about Advances in CEMS & Flow Monitoring and Russell Berry and Steve Norfleet's paper on the The Evolution of Part 75 Performance Test Procedures and Specifications.

We have also prepared two PDF files for our FTP library that contain the EPA slide presentations on the Part 75 Rule revisions and the new variants of Method 2 that will better account for swirling stack flow. The rule revision file is named p75final_rule.pdf and contains a copy of the EPA overheads. The flow methods file is named method_2fgh.pdf and it contains the overheads from three EPA presentations; all related to the new versions of Method 2.

Based on our conversations with EPA personnel, we believe that the Part 75 revisions are not likely to be promulgated before mid-March. The new flow measurement methods will be promulgated in a separate rulemaking in the April/May time frame.

As many of you may know, RMB has been funded by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Utility Air Regulatory Group (UARG) to assist in the technical review of the new flow measurement methods. If your company is a member of the EPRI CEMS and PEMS Target or of UARG, drop us an E-mail and we will send you a copy of the latest DRAFT of Method 2F (3-D pitot).

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