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Final IB-MACT Rules Published (2/1/13)

On January 31, the final major source IB-MACT rule was published in the Federal Register, immediately followed by the publication of the final area source rule on February 1, 2013. These actions reset the compliance date for existing major sources and clarified the deadline for those sources subject to initial boiler tune-ups under the area source rule. The compliance dates for the major source rule are January 31, 2016, for existing sources and, January 31, 2013, or upon startup, whichever is later, for new sources. New major sources are defined as sources that began operation on or after June 4, 2010.

The final area source rule revises the compliance date for existing boilers subject to a tune-up from March 21, 2012, to March 21, 2014. Note that the compliance dates for existing sources remain the same. The compliance date for existing sources is March 21, 2014. The compliance date for new area sources that began operations on or before May 20, 2011 is May 20, 2011. For new sources that start up after May 20, 2011, the compliance date is the date of startup. New area sources are defined as sources that began operation after June 4, 2010.

The deadlines for Initial Notification, which provides EPA or the delegated state agency notice that a source is subject to a particular standard, have also been revised. The deadline for major sources is May 31, 2013 and for area sources is January 20, 2014. Any source that that is affected by these rules and seeks to qualify one or more units under the area source rule should complete an area source determination as soon as possible in order to meet the initial notification deadline for major sources, if necessary. Under EPA’s “once in, always in” policy, once a source is designated as a major source it must remain subject to major source requirements. Copies of the rulemaking can be found in our FTP library.

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