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Test Method Revisions (3/5/14)

On February 27, 2014, EPA issued a Final Rule including revisions to Test Methods and Testing Regulations.  EPA’s action promulgates technical and editorial corrections for source testing and includes some new alternatives in selected test methods found in Part 51, Part 60 Appendix A, and Part 63 Appendix A.  The action also updates certain performance specifications found in Part 60, Appendix B and quality assurance procedures found in Part 60, Appendix F. 

For example, Procedure 2, Quality Assurance Requirements for Particulate Matter Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems at Stationary Sources, modified the daily calibration drift test calculations so that the upscale and zero drift equations include the “FS – Full Scale Value” of the instrument in the denominator versus “Ru – Upscale Check Value.”  This revision now makes the PM CEMS specifications consistent with other monitor calibration error criteria which is calculated as a percent of span.  For sources currently operating PM CEMS, this Procedure 2 revision will, in most cases, necessitate a change to the data acquisition and handling system (DAHS) programming to ensure ongoing compliance.  The sample volume audit calculation for applicable extractive PM CEMS was also updated.  In addition, alternative breakthrough criteria were added to the mercury monitoring performance specification 12-B (i.e. the sorbent trap monitoring method, PS-12B) as well as changes to calibration procedures in Method 30B. 

A copy of the promulgated test method revisions is available for download in our FTP library.

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