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NOx Budget Program Reminders (3/26/03)

The 2004 ozone season is almost upon us. For many sources, 2004 marks the first year for compliance. A brief list of reminders is provided below.

  • For sources in the previous OTC NOx Budget Program, compliance begins May 1, 2004.
  • For NOx Budget affected sources located outside of the OTC region, compliance begins May 31, 2004. However, affected sources must begin monitoring NOx emissions on May 1.
  • For sources reporting on an ozone season basis, a linearity check must be successfully completed on each CEMS prior to May 1. CAMD has also clarified that another linearity check must be conducted in the May/June timeframe (provided that this time period qualifies as a unit QA operating quarter) even if the pre-ozone season linearity check was performed in April.
  • The results of any QA/QC tests conducted outside of an ozone season which are used to quality-assure data for a subsequent ozone season must be reported in the second quarter EDR of the new ozone season.

RMB offers a one-day training course which focuses on the monitoring, record-keeping and reporting requirements specified in 40 CFR Parts 75 and 96. Topics include CEM quality assurance/quality control requirements, recordkeeping, reporting, diagnostic testing and recertification requirements, and EDR evaluations. Courses are tailored to address site-specific monitoring strategies. For more information concerning this course or RMB’s NOx Budget related consulting services, please contact Dru Sanders at (919) 791-3128 or at sanders@rmb-consulting.com.

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