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Continuous PM And Hg CEM Reports Available (03/27/97)

On March 21, 1997, EPA published a notice of data availability in the Federal Register. The announcement is a notice of availability and request for public comment on four reports pertaining to EPA's proposed requirement to install and operate continuous particulate matter (PM) and continuous mercury (Hg) monitors on hazardous waste combustors. Written comments on the documents must be submitted to the Agency by April 21, 1997. The titles of the four reports are:

---Site-specific Quality Assurance Test Plan: Method 301 Validation of a Proposed Method 101B for Mercury Speciation, dated September 27, 1996.
---Site-specific Quality Assurance Test Plan: Total Mercury CEMS Demonstration, Volumes 1 and 2, dated October 11, 1996.
---Site-specific Quality Assurance Test Plan: Particulate Matter CEMS Demonstration, Volume 1, dated August 7, 1996.
---Status Report IV: Particulate Matter CEMS Demonstration, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, dated February 12, 1997.

According to the Federal Register notice, these reports are available from two EPA electronic sources: the CLU-IN and EMTIC bulletin boards. We have obtained and placed zipped files containing the four documents in our FTP Library. (Notice: These are very large files, ~1.3 meg each.) Lastly, RMB will be presenting a paper on May 15th at the EPRI CEM Users Group Meeting in Denver that will provide an up to date status report on EPA's continuous PM demonstration project. For more information on why RMB believes these CEM field demonstrations are important, click here.

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