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EPA Finalizes New Unit Emission Limits (3/29/13)

On November 30, 2012, EPA published a Reconsideration Notice in the Federal Register, proposing to revise certain new source emission limits that are contained in the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) rule. EPA proposed to revise the filterable PM limit from 7.0E-3 to 9.0E-2 lb/MWh; the mercury limit from 2.0E-4 to 3.0E-3 lb/GWh; and the HCl limit from 4.0E-4 to 2.0E-2 lb/MWh. On March 28, 2013, EPA Acting Administrator, Bob Perciasepe, signed a rule finalizing the new-unit emission limits identical to the values contained in the Agency’s proposal. According to EPA’s Fact Sheet, new units “will use the same types of state of the art control technologies to meet these standards as they would have used under the previously finalized standards.” RMB generally concurs with the following EPA statement: “We project that these updates will result in no significant change in costs, emission reductions or health benefits from MATS.”

In the final reconsideration rule, EPA did not take final action on a number of start-up/shutdown technical issues. EPA acknowledged receiving considerable input regarding the start-up and shutdown provisions in the MATS rule and decided to take additional time to consider and evaluate the comments and data received.


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