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CAM Regulatory Impact Analysis Released (04/12/97)

EPA has released the CAM rulemaking regulatory impact analysis (RIA) for review and comment. This release was made even though EPA had previously stated (61 FR 46418, September 3, 1996) that the analysis would not be released until the final CAM rule was promulgated. EPA is inviting comment on the impact analysis as well as the "relationship between the final credible evidence rule (February 24, 1997) and the draft CAM rule (August 2, 1996)." The comment period will be open for 30 days following publication of the Notice of Document Availability in the Federal Register. We have place three CAM RIA documents on our FTP Library for download. The documents are fr-rfa97.zip (Federal Register notice), seciv.zip (cost section of RIA) and secv.zip (regulatory flexibility section of RIA). Please note: All of these files are zipped WordPerfect 6.0 files as received from EPA. Some of you may not be able to handle Version 6.0 files so we have also put WordPerfect version 5.1 files on the FTP Library. It is likely that the graphics in the 5.1 files did not convert properly, therefore, we recommend the Version 6.0 files. The WP 5.1 file names are, respectively, frrfa975.zip, seciv5.zip and secv5.zip.

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