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Draft Mercury Reference Methods (6/19/07)

EPA has released "work-in-progress" versions of a draft mercury instrumental reference method (Method 30A "Determination of Total Vapor Phase Mercury Emissions from Stationary Sources") and a draft mercury sorbent trap reference method (Method 30B "Determination of Total Vapor Phase Mercury Emissions from Coal-Fired Combustion Sources Using Carbon Sorbent Traps"). The draft methods have been posted to our FTP Library. Later this year, EPA plans to take direct final action to approve the two reference methods. With a direct final action, EPA issues a notice of a final rule that will take effect if there is no adverse public comment. The Agency will also simultaneously publish a notice of proposed rulemaking to facilitate such comment. Ostensibly, EPA has released the draft methods to help sources and testing firms plan for upcoming mercury CEMS RATAs. An additional benefit of the release is that it allows others the opportunity to review the methods prior to their publication in the Federal Register, which is especially valuable given the final direct ruling approach and the need of the industry to have a viable reference method in place shortly. While the methods have not been formally released for public comment, any questions or concerns regarding the draft reference methods should be brought to the EPA's attention so that the issues can be addressed before the methods are finalized.


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