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Part 75 Implementation Conference (10/21/99)

On October 19, 1999, EPA hosted the Part 75 Implementation Conference in Washington, DC. Topics included, but were not limited to: Part 75 rule revisions, Acid Rain Program Policy Manual revisions, EDR v2.1 and quarterly reporting, and new flow Reference Methods. A few key meeting notes are listed below:

  • The Acid Rain Division (ARD) will gradually change its title to the Clean Air Markets Division (CAMD). This name change is designed to reflect ARD’s increasing role in other Cap and Trade Programs (e.g., NOx Budget Program).
  • The Policy Manual and EDR v2.1 Instructions Manual will be updated on a quarterly basis as necessary.
  • In the future, ARD intends to address technical equipment issues in the Policy Manual and reporting issues in the EDR Instructions Manual. ARD hopes to avoid conflicting reporting guidance (as seen in the past) by cross referencing the EDR Instructions in applicable Policy Manual answers.
  • ARD intends to issue an unofficial complete copy of Part 75 in November 1999.
  • Quarterly Reports may be submitted in EDR v2.1 format on or after January 1, 2000. Quarterly Reports must be submitted in EDR v2.1 format beginning the Second Quarter of 2000. Any utility that anticipates not complying with the required submittal date is urged to forewarn the Agency as soon as possible.
  • New rejection and critical error checks will be added to the ETS software and existing checks will be upgraded to either rejection or critical error status.
  • ETS feedback reports will be reformatted to group error messages in one of the three following error categories: (1) Rejection, (2) Critical, and (3) Educational. This change is designed to facilitate the review of USEPA’s EDR comments.
  • ARD intends to respond to questions raised during the conference as well as additional questions submitted to the Agency in the next couple of weeks. These questions and answers will be incorporated into the Policy Manual or EDR Instructions Manual during the quarterly revisions.

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