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News Index

The News Index is an archive of items posted to the RMB website. Items specific to Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM) will be located here as well as at the CAM page.

Proposed MATS Clarifications/Corrections (2/17/14)
Russell Stuart Berry (1959-2015) (1/24/15)
CSAPR is Back (11/26/14)
Did EPA Unreasonably Refuse to Consider MATS Costs? (11/26/14)
MATS Startup/Shutdown Reconsideration & Electronic Reporting (11/7/14)
Proposed CO2 Regulations Published in Federal Register (6/18/14)
EPA Proposes CO2 Regulations for Existing and Modified Units (6/2/14)
RMB EPRI CEMS Users Group Meeting Presentations Available (5/26/14)
EPA Promulgates Procedure 3 (COMS QA Procedures) (5/16/14)
MATS Electronic Reporting Workgroup (4/21/14)
Utility MATS Rule Upheld (4/21/14)
Test Method Revisions (3/5/14)
Revised ECMPS Reporting Instructions (2/7/14)
Utility MATS Rule Compliance (1/21/14)
LEE Qualification for Hg (1/6/14)
New 2013 Final Part 75 Policy Manual (9/10/13)
EPA Finalizes New Unit Emission Limits (3/29/13)
Final IB-MACT Rules Published (2/1/13)
EPA Issues Final IB-MACT Rules (1/2/13)
Upcoming Deadline for MATS Initial Notification (8/1/12)
Reconsideration of MATS for New Units (7/23/12)
EPA Issued New "No Action Assurance" For IB-MACT (7/22/12)
DC Circuit Court Reaffirms GHG Tailoring Rule (7/19/12)
DC Circuit Court Upholds GHG Regulations (7/9/12)
EPA Proposes GHG Emission Limit (4/17/12)
EGU MACT Rule Technical Corrections (4/3/12)
EPA Proposes QA/QC Procedures for Opacity Analyzers (2/24/12)
EPA Publishes Final EGU MACT and NSPS Rules (2/16/12)
Cross-State Air Pollution Rule on Hold (1/2/12) (1/2/12)
EPA Issues Final EGU MACT and NSPS Rules (12/22/11)
EPA Issues Proposed IB-MACT Reconsideration Rule (12/2/11)
EGU MACT Date Officially Extended (10/27/11)
EPA Announces New Timeline for IB-MACT Rule (6/27/11)
Proposed EGU MACT Rule Comment Period Extended (6/21/11)
EPA Issues Stay of IB-MACT and CISWI Rules (5/16/11)
Proposed EGU MACT and NSPS Revisions Published (5/3/11)
Petroleum Refinery ICR (4/8/11)
Final IB-MACT Rules and Notice of Reconsideration Published (3/21/11)
Greenhouse Gas Reporting Deadline Extended (3/18/11)
EPA Issues Proposed EGU MACT and NSPS Revisions (3/16/11)
40 CFR Part 75 Revisions (3/10/11)
GHG Reporting Deadline Extended (3/1/11)
EPA Issues Final IB-MACT and CISWI Rules (2/23/11)
EPA Receives One Month Extension For Final IB MACT Rules (1/21/11)
EPA Receives Brief Extension of IB-MACT Deadline (1/12/11)
EPA Requests Extension to Repropose IB-MACT Rule (12/7/10)
Proposed Revision to Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule (8/12/10)
Proposed Transport Rule Published in Federal Register (8/6/10)
Digital Camera Opacity Project (7/31/10)
Proposed Transport Rule (7/7/10)
Proposed CISWI and IB-MACT Rules Published (6/7/10)
40 CFR Part 75 Proposed Revisions (4/30/10)
EPA Proposes CISWI and IB-MACT Rules (4/30/10)
Electric Utility MACT Deadlines Finalized (4/15/10)
CAMD Posts Second Draft Policy Manual (4/13/10)
Extension of Industrial Boiler MACT Deadline (4/13/10)
EPA Addresses MACT Hammer (4/1/10)
ICR Approved!  Section 114 Letters Sent (1/27/10)
Greenhouse Gas Mandatory Reporting Rule Update (12/08/09)
EPA Submits ICR Request to OMB (11/10/09)
Final GHG Reporting Rule Published (10/30/09)
EPA Proposes Consent Decree (10/23/09)
Boiler MACT/CISWI Rule ICR Deadline Extension (10/9/09)
EPA Proposes GHG Thresholds for PSD and Title V (10/7/09)
Final GHG Reporting Rule Signed (10/05/09)
Proposed Revisions to Reference Method 2H (9/23/09)
Boiler MACT Rule Status (09/10/09)
EPA Posts Draft Part 75 Emissions Monitoring Policy Manual (07/28/09)
Boiler MACT Rule Extension (07/20/09)
MACT Update:  Electric Utility Information Request Announced  (07/06/09)
EPA Releases Interim Traceability Protocols for Hg Calibrators (07/02/09)
Boiler/CISWI MACT Webinar MACT ICR Part II (06/29/09)
Boiler MACT ICR Part II (06/10/09)
Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule (05/17/09)
EPA Proposes Test Method Revisions (03/26/09)
Supreme Court Declines to Hear CAMR Case (02/27/09)
Startup/Shutdown Exemption Whacked (01/07/09)
CAIR Revived (12/23/08)
Boiler MACT Update (12/23/08)
DC Circuit Court Vacates CAIR (07/11/08)
DC Circuit Court Rules on Rehearing Petitions (05/21/08)
Petitions for Rehearing of DC Circuit Court Decision Filed (03/28/08)
DC Circuit Court Decides CAMR (02/11/08)
Court Strikes Down EPA's Clean Air Mercury Rule (02/10/08)
Part 75 Revisions Published (01/24/08)
Final Part 75 Revisions (01/09/08)
Hg Monitoring Plan/Certification Submittal Extension (01/08/08)
Part 75 Revions - EPA's Repsonse to Comments (12/22/07)
"Official" Versions of Methods 30A and 30B Released (8/24/07)
IB MACT Rule is Dead (8/01/07)
Draft Mercury Reference Methods (6/19/07)
IB MACT Rule Vacated (6/14/07)
Hg Calibrator Activity (05/14/07)
Mercury Presentations (1/31/07)
Proposed Revisions to 40 CFR Part 75 (8/28/06)
Urgent IB-MACT Deadline (7/29/06)
Instrumental Test Methods Updated (6/9/06)
EPA Finalizes Mercury Reconsideration  (6/3/06)
Subpart KKKK  (2/17/06) 
Industrial Boiler MACT Update (2/2/06)
EDR Format Revisions (2/2/06)
CAMR Reconsiderations (2/2/06)
Clean Air Mercury Rule Final (5/18/05)
Clean Air Mercury Rule (3/29/05)
Clean Air Interstate Rule (3/29/05)
Refinery MACT II Reminders (2/22/05)
EPA Amends Refinery MACT II (2/21/05)
Clean Air Mercury Rule Update (1/23/05)
Industrial Boiler MACT Update (12/01/04)
RMB Mercury Monitoring Implementation Project (7/6/04)
Rectangular Ducts Wall Effects Method (12/18/03)
Proposed Mercury and Interstate Air Quality Rules (12/17/03)
Revised Part 75 Policy Manual (11/06/03)
Final CT MACT Rule (9/22/03)
Part 75 CEMS Field Audit Manual (8/12/03)
EDR Errata and Supplemental Guidance (6/05/03)
San Diego CEMS Conference Papers (5/30/03)
Proposed Method 3 for Opacity Monitors (5/29/03)
Draft Part 75 Policy Manual (5/29/03)
Proposed Subpart GG Revisions (5/29/03)
Proposed Industrial Boiler MACT (5/29/03)
EPA Enhances Electronic Auditing (2/4/03)
NOx Budget Program Reminders (3/26/03)
Proposed CT MACT Rule (2/3/03)
EDR 2.2 Format and Reporting Instructions (8/27/02)
Draft Revised EDR Format and Reporting Instructions (5/16/02)
Part 97 Final Rule Revisions Released (5/02/02)
Part 96 and Part 97 Harmonization (4/30/02)
Court Upholds PM2.5 and Ground-level Ozone Ambient Air Standards (3/29/02)
EPA Issues Proposed Revisions to 40 CFR Parts 96 & 97 (2/14/02)
EPA Proposes Extension of Section 126 Deadlines (1/16/02)
Recertification and Diagnostic Testing Policy (12/1/01)
CAM Alert (7/17/01)
Proposed Part 75 Revisions Published (6/14/01)
Subpart Da Changes Made Effective (6/12/01)
DC Circuit Decision on Section 126 Rule (5/22/01)
Proposed Revisions to Part 75 (5/17/01)
Method 203 Reopened for Comment (3/8/01)
PS-1 Delayed (2/6/01)
Acid Rain Policy Manual Update (12/27/00)
NOx SIP Findings (12/20/00)
Mercury Announcement (12/15/00)
NOx Budget Program Compliance (12/05/00)
NOX SIP Call (09/22/00)
Comments Requested on Draft NOX BACT Guidance (08/17/00)
Opacity Monitoring Requirements (PS1) Revisions Promulgated (08/10/00)
Part 75 Reporting Extension (07/20/00)
Federally Permitted Releases (06/27/00)
Natural Gas Definition "Resolution" (06/26/00)
NOx SIP Call (06/26/00)
Public Meeting Discusses Potential Utility Mercury Regulations (06/22/00)
San Antonio CEMS Conference Papers (06/12/00)
NAAQS Hearings - Something for Everyone (05/31/00)
EPA Interpretative Rule - New Version (05/31/00)
Federal NOx Budget Program (05/15/00)
Oops! Wrong Version of Interpretive Rule Published (05/03/00)
EPA Acid Rain/NOX Budget Meeting Summary (04/11/00)
Policy Manual Update (03/20/00)
What’s New With EPA’s Mercury ICR? (03/13/00)
EDR-AUDIT Users Group Meeting (03/07/00)
EPA's NOX SIP Call Upheld (03/07/00)
EDR 2.1 and Reporting Instruction Revisions (02/14/00)
Policy Updates (12/28/99)
Consolidated Version of Part 75 (12/27/99)
NOX Apportionment Guidance for Common Stacks (12/17/99)
Use of Default WAF Limited to 12 or 16 Point Flow Traverses (12/17/99)
PBT Rule Finalized (11/03/99)
CAM Challenge Ruled "Unripe" By D.C. Circuit Court (11/02/99)
Part 75 Implementation Conference (10/21/99)
Revised Acid Rain Policy Manual (10/18/99)
Annual Span Evaluation Due 12/31/99 (10/18/99)
Additional Flow Monitoring Policy Guidance (09/18/99)
Flow Monitoring Policy Guidance (09/02/99)
Additonal Part 75 Guidance and Corrections to EDR 2.1 Instructions and Format (08/20/99)
Time Table for Implementation of Part 75 Rule Revisions (07/23/99)
Low-level NOX Monitoring Interest Group Meeting Minutes (07/22/99)
EPA Guidance on Part 75 Revisions (07/21/99)
EPA Flow Methods - Technical Corrections (07/15/99)
Cincinnati EPRI CEM Users Group Conference Papers Posted (06/17/99)
New Stack Flow Reference Methods to Become Final (06/17/99)
Wall-Effects Credit For Rectangular Ducts (06/01/99)
Stack Flow and Part 75 Revisions Published in Federal Register (05/28/99)
EPA Releases Revisions to Stack Flow Reference Method (05/10/99)
Mercury ICR Reminder (04/09/99)
Final Part 75 CEM Rule and EDR 2.1 Avaliable (04/02/99)
ICR Correction/Clarification (03/09/99)
Additional Time For PBT Comments (03/02/99)
Hg ICR ALERT (02/11/99)
Continuous Particulate Matter Monitors Workshop (02/10/99)
Draft Mercury Speciation Stack Test (Ontario Hydro) Method Available (01/29/99)
Electric Utilities Environmental Conference Papers and EPA Overheads (01/28/99)
Summary Details of EPA's Mercury Data Collection (11/23/98)
EPA Regional Offices Attempt to Circumvent Future Credible Evidence Challenges (11/20/98)
Final Periodic Monitoring Guidance Released (09/28/98)
EPA Releases Mecury Information Collection Request (09/16/98)
Revised Draft CAM Guidance Document Available (08/20/98)
D.C. Circuit Court Hands Industry a Loss on Credible Evidence Litigation (08/17/98)
New Orleans EPRI CEM Users Group Conference Papers Posted (05/31/98)
Proposed Rule Revisons Published (05/22/98)
EPA Draft Periodic Monitoring Guidance Released (05/21/98)
New Part 75 File Avaliable (05/08/98)
CAM Impact Discussion (04/10/98)
Here We Go Again -- Alleged Violations Based on CEMS Data (03/07/98)
Electric Utility Report to Congress (03/05/98)
Update -- Electric Utility Study (01/22/98)
EPA Releases CAM Rule Questions and Responses (01/15/98)
Mercury Report to Congress (01/09/98)
NRDC Files Petition for Review of the CAM Rule (12/26/97)
EPA Closes the Year with a Bang (12/22/97)
CAM Draft Technical Guidance Document Released (10/27/97)
Substantial Part 60 Reference Method Changes Proposed (10/25/97)
CAM Rule in Federal Register (10/22/97)
CAM Rule Package Released (10/08/97)
New CAM Fact Sheet (09/29/97)
CAM Speech Overheads (09/09/97)
Performance Specification 1 for Opacity Monitors Released (08/08/97)
EPA CEMS Workgroup Conference Call Minutes (07/27/97)
EPA Promulgates New Ambient Air Quality Standards (07/27/97)
EPA Proposes Significantly Lower NOx Standard for New Utility Boilers (07/14/97)
Summary Evaluation of EPA's CAM Cost Impact Analysis (06/13/97)
Denver EPRI CEM Users Group Conference Papers Posted (05/29/97)
Utilities Now Subject to Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (05/07/97)
CAM Regulatory Impact Analysis Released (04/12/97)
Continuous PM and Hg CEM Reports Available (03/27/97)
EPA Releases Credible Evidence Rule (02/14/97)
EPRI CEMS Heat Input/Heat Rate Project Updates (01/29/97)
Interesting Method 201/202 Alert from EPA (01/08/97)
New EPA Proposal on Short-Term Ambient SO2
Preliminary Field Test Results from the EPRI CEMS Heat Rate Discrepancy Project
EPA Publishes Revised AP-42
RMB's EDR-Audit Software Passes 150 Unit Mark!
EPA Releases Interim Electric Utility Report on Hazardous Air Pollutants
EPA Hg and Particulate CEM Demo Program

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