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CEM Program Audit Training

RMB offers a CEM Program Audit Training Course that is designed to instruct utility personnel how to perform Part 75 CEM audits. RMB presented this course at the 1998 and 2000 EPRI CEM Users Group Meetings. RMB’s staff has also assisted utilities in developing internal CEM audit programs, including the development of checklists and reporting forms. Checklists included requirements specified in 40 CFR Part 75, the Acid Rain Program Policy Manual, and EPA’s CEMS Field Audit Manual. These checklists can be tailored to include additional utility specific requirements such as applicable federal and state regulatory requirements, Quality Assurance Plan requirements and standard operating procedure specifications. RMB can provide training and/or checklists for three distinct audits: (1) Full Part 75 CEMS Audit, (2) Part 75 Appendix D and NOx CEMS Audit, and (3) Part 75 Appendices D and E Audit. For more information concerning RMB’s Audit Training Course, please contact Dru Sanders at (919) 791-3128 or at sanders@rmb-consulting.com.

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