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Flow Rate Method Training

Based on extensive flow rate studies initially conducted by EPRI and then repeated by EPA, EPA has pulished three new methods (Methods 2F, 2G and 2H) in July. The use of these methods may prove to be a valuable tool for more accurately determining effluent volumetric flow rates and reducing the over reporting of SO2 emissions due to flow measurement biases.

For utilities interested in utilizing these test methods, RMB can provide on-site training on all three methods. Hands-on training can be conducted using RMB's or the utility's equipment. RMB can direct utilities (including those using test contractors) in all the details necessary to perform these new methods. The preparation, equipment design and performance specifications, calibration procedures, test procedures, calculation procedures are all critical to obtaining accurate results and are significantly different than existing Method 2 requirements. Topics addressed in the training can include: the types of inclinometers (angle finder) and other components that work best, the benefits and problems associated with different 3-D probe designs, calibration and leak check procedures, optimum 3-D control box specifications, and test procedures.

RMB personnel managed the EPRI flow study, developed the basis for Method 2H wall effect corrections and participated in both the EPRI and EPA flow studies. RMB also reviewed draft versions of these test methods and provide comments as a member of EPA's peer-review committee. For more information concerning RMB's flow rate training services please contact Steve Norfleet or Jack Martin.

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